Project One

David Jackson & Marco lo Muscio – ‘Project One’ – Velut Luna

Project One was recorded ‘LIVE’ in Rome 24/26th July 2023 by Marco Lincetto from Velut Luna – in Chiesa San Gregorio VII, near the Vatican in Rome. Marco lo Muscio played the massive organ (& some piano elsewhere) – and David Jackson played all his saxophones, flute and whistles. Steve and John Hackett added marvellous guitar and flute later. The temperature in Rome during those days ranged from 39 to 43 degrees so our organ tuner Daniel Taccini was at his exercise each day in the baking and dusty organ loft! David stayed at Marco’s incredible Museo Wunderkammer where they rehearsed everyday day for their evening sessions in the church. It was intense and challenging – but the result is exceptional – available on vinyl, CD and Super Audio!




SIDE A – 19:52

Theme One George Martin
Moonchild Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield
Prelude and Ostinato “Homage to Keith Emerson” Marco Lo Muscio
Vocalise n.1 “To my mother” Marco Lo Muscio
The Hermit Steve Hackett

SIDE B – 20:26

Hammer in the Sand Steve Hackett
Musica Ricercata n.7 (Ostinato) György Ligeti
In Memoriam Marco Lo Muscio
Hairless Heart Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel
Pilgrims Peter Hammil, David Jackson


01. Theme One George Martin 3:13
02. Vocalise n.3 Marco Lo Muscio 3:07
03. Hammer in the Sand Steve Hackett 3:07
04. Hairless Heart Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel 3:47
05. Corpus Christi Carol Benjamin Britten 3:08
06. Hills Of The North Rejoice Martin Shaw 2:30
07. Molde Canticle Part I Jan Garbarek 4:40
08. The Great Gig In The Sky Richard Wright, Clare Torry 6:15
09. Red Pedal Solo Marco Lo Muscio 2:38
10. Moonchild Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield 2:29
11. Prelude and Ostinato “Homage to Keith Emerson” Marco Lo Muscio 5:20
12. Musica Ricercata n.7 (Ostinato) György Ligeti 4:18
13. Vocalise from “The Ninth Gate” Vojciech Kilar 3:29
14. Vocalise n.1 “To my mother” Marco Lo Muscio 3:00
15. In Memoriam Marco Lo Muscio 3:29
16. Pilgrims Peter Hammil, David Jackson 5:44
17. The Hermit Steve Hackett 5:41
18. Fanfare for the Common Man Aaron Copland, Keith Emerson 8:01

Total Time: 74:05



Code: CVLD362
Author: AA. VV.
Performers: Marco Lo Muscio, David Jackson, John Hackett, Steve Hackett
Duration: 74:05
Support: LP + CD + FILE HD

Marco Lo Muscio, church organ and piano
David Jackson, saxophones and flutes
Very special guests:
John Hackett, flute on “The Hermit”
Steve Hackett, electric guitar on “Hammer In The sand”

24bit/88.2kHz original recording made at San Gregorio VII Church, Rome, on July 24, 25, 26, 2023. Analog mix and mastering made at MLStudio, Naquera, Spain on August 5, 2023

Production: Marco Lincetto
Musical production: Marco Lo Muscio & David Jackson
Recording, mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Recording assistant: Marco Rosanova
Design & Layout: L’Image
Exclusive commercial distribution:


“Project One”: a recording project Velut Luna that was born thanks to the friendship and the long musical and artistic collaboration of the M, Marco Lo Muscio. with three iconic names of progressive and contemporary music: David Jackson, John Hackett and Steve Hackett.

The project is a great tribute, with totally acoustic arrangements, to the various styles of the great music of the ‘900 and contemporary. The basic system sees the gothic and symphonic sound of the pipe organ amalgamated with the power of the saxophones of David Jackson. The guitar of Steve Hackett and the flute of John Hackett add the final touch in some special arrangements created specifically for this recording project.

The composers chosen come from the world of music of the ‘900 and contemporary (Benjamin Britten, György Ligeti, Aaron Copland, George Martin and Marco Lo Muscio), soundtracks (Wojciech Kilar), Modern Jazz (Jan Garbarek) and Progressive (King Crimson, Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, David Jackson and Steve Hackett). Listening acoustically to this music will reveal new nuances and details; you will also understand how progressive music interpreted in this key is actually very close and influenced by classical music of the ‘900.

Finally, the well-known high quality of Velut Luna recordings by Marco Lincetto will offer an incredible sound range in listening to this original and unique recording project!