The following is a selection of works composed by David Jackson. All were inspired by events at the time they were written.

Title / concertsLengthParts
‘Looking At You’

Bergen Grieg Academy
7 mins3 Flute, Soprano Saxophone, 2 Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone,
2 Guitar
(Arranged for Wind by Ricardo Odriozola based on David Jackson’s multi-track improvisations (2003)
SOUNDBEAM2 (optional)

Title / concertsLengthParts
‘The House That Cried’ (1993).

Ghost Opera for Children
5 Songs

Bracknell, Meldreth, Lecco, Bosisio, Monza, Triuggio, Como, Pavia
30 minsChildren’s Choir: in 4 Parts, Baritone Soloist,
Brass Consort: 2 Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Saxophone, Flute, Bagpipes
Keys, Bass, Drums

Soundbeam2 (optional)
2007 DESKTOP SOUNDBEAM – (Highly Recommended)

Title / concertsLengthParts
Beam Machine
*Star Messenger 2989*

Space Epic for Children
14 Songs

Bracknell, Lecco, Lissone, Bergen
60-75 minsChildren’s Choir: 4 Parts
Symphony Orchestra: (Arranged by Ricardo Odriozola based on David Jackson’s orchestration (2005)
2 Flutes (2nd. doubling piccolo), Oboe
2 Clarinets (in A and B flat), Bassoon
Soprano Saxophone, 2 Horns in F
2 Trumpets in C, Timpani, Percussion (one player) – Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, conga drums
Drum set, Piano/Electric Organ (church organ sound)
Bass (bass guitar); Strings
SOUNDBEAM2 (Advisable)
From a performance given in Bergen on August 27th 2022 at the Bergen University Aula.
Students from the Grieg Academy.
All music and arrangements by David Jackson, except strings, arranged by Ricardo Odriozola

Title / concertsLengthParts
‘Seasons Are Changing’ (1996).

Suite for Choir,
String Quartet
4 Movements

Reading, Salisbury, Meldreth, Bergen
8-10 minsChoir in 4 Parts

String Quartet
(Arranged for String Quartet by Ricardo Odriozola based on David Jackson’s orchestration (2003)

2007 SOUNDBEAM 2 (Highly Recommended)

Title / concertsLengthParts
‘Anvil Rings’ (1996).

Suite for Soundbeam & Bells
4 Movements

Basingstoke Anvil, London QEH, Poole Lighthouse, Bergen, Carlow, Northampton, Guastalla
20 minsHand bells in 2 Groups
Bass, Harp, Saxophones, Whistles


Title / concertsLengthParts
*TWINKLE* (2007).

Greek Mythology
by David Jackson & Judge Smith
15 Songs

Basingstoke Anvil, Meldreth, The Lighthouse Poole, Carpi, Lecco MAB-ATO, Mytchhett
70 minsChildren’s Choir: in 2 Parts;
Saxophones & Flutes, Keys, Bass, Drums
Production Scheme suits:
Children’s Choir;
3 Mainstream Schools singing/acting 3 stories about Mortals;
12 disabled children play Greek Gods (4 are actors) + Kinesis;
There are adults who play The Narrator & Zeus – & 3 Monsters!
Desktop Soundbeam (eventually)

“Looking at You” – live performance!

In the beginning of October 2002 David Jackson spent seven unforgettable days in Bergen (Norway) working non-stop from morning till evening. On the final day a concert was held at the Bergen Kunstmuseum with David, students from the Grieg Academy and a group of disabled children from the local music school. “Looking at You” was performed, superbly, at that concert by a group of Grieg Academy students. Here is the evidence! …

“Looking at You” was recorded in “The Long Hello, Vol. 1” but never performed. This is the second time the piece has ever been played in public. The first one had been on November 28th 2001 by another group of Grieg Academy students, also under my direction…

Ricardo Odriozola