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David Jackson, the saxophonist, flautist and composer whose inspiration originally came from jazz, rock and folk, is now an extraordinary interactive performance artist. He was in Van der Graaf Generator and has played with Peter Gabriel. But he was also a special needs and mainstream teacher, in maths and music for 12 years before starting Tonewall in 1992.

Swedish Soundbeam Group + Rock Band

Tonewall is the name for his idea - and his unique bank of interactive music technology. This features Soundbeams and his own Echo-Mirrors and unique Jellybean Eye. His work is about creating music with groups of people of all levels of ability and even profound disability - and joining them on stage. In 12 years of freelance work, David has taken "non-musicians" into performance with: professional Orchestral and jazz musicians; Caribbean Festivals; with Harpists and Darlecs at Covent Garden; with Bell Ringers at the QEH and with River Dancers at The Point in Dublin. Integration and inclusion - and the challenge of making peoples' own ideas work - are what makes David's music tick

Tonewall provides an ideal opportunity for adults and children with physical or learning difficulties to experience the joy and sense of empowernment that creating music can achieve. Workshops for mainstream schools/community groups also undertaken.

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Playing The History + David Jackson in Italy - 2014

ROMA - Manziana, Italy - May, 4th 2014- 21:00

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista - piazza Tommaso Tittoni 4 - 21:00 - FREE admission


David Jackson: Saxophones
John Hackett: Flute
Marco Lo Muscio: Organ & Piano
Carlo Matteucci: Bass
Giorgio Gabriel: Guitars

Music by: 
Genesis, Steve Hackett, John Hackett, ELP, VDGG, King Crimson, Anthony Phillips, Rick Wakeman, Jan Garbarek, Marco Lo Muscio, Carlo Matteucci, etc...


"Playing The History" Project: David has recorded another two epic tracks with italian organist Marco Lo Muscio and the Band. 'Theme One' & 'The Great Gig in The Sky’.

Video Trailer: 

David greetings:


Pictures from the 2013 gig in Roma (© Luca Fiaccavento):



Playing the History (with David Jackson & John Hackett)


Soundbeam Competition 
David has at last made a film of Meldreth students at serious music work! (It is only his 18th year at the School for children with cerebral palsy.)

Soundbeam Apollo, David Jackson, Meldreth Manor School
Soundbeam Sessions, David Jackson, Meldreth Manor School

Pandora + David Jackson
David has recorded two epic tracks for Pandora’s latest CD. ‘Apollo' features a passage recorded live with disabled children.  (YouTube Soundbeam Apollo)

The Rome ProGject  + David Jackson
David has recorded a great track with Vincenzo Ricca - 'A Mankind Heritage'

Mr Averell + David Jackson
David has recorded great tracks with René van Commenée. Album out 3rd May!

David Jackson & Le Jury - "Jaxon Faces The Jury"
Available on Amethyst Records
CD price: €15 / £12 / NOK 120 (+ p&p) available from Jaxon (please send a request by mail) - and from CD Baby.

"In early October 2002, David Jackson spent a week in Bergen, Norway, giving concerts and seminars as well as working with a group of disabled children from Bergen's municipal music school.
I had grown up listening to his playing, in the form of his defining and inimitable contributions to the music of the radical British band, Van der Graaf Generator. Although his schedule while in Bergen was to keep him busy from morning till night for five years in a row, I could not resist the temptation of booking a jam session with him.
The choice for the rest of the ensemble was obvious. I have known and played with Einar Røttingen and Jostein Stalheim for many years. Our improvising outfit, "Le Jury", has provided the three of us with many occasions of joyful, childlike musical exploration.
And so, on the morning of Thursday October 3rd, we all arrived at a studio in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's Bergen headquarters. After exchanging greetings, and without any discussions whatsoever, we began to play.
Then we had lunch and played some more. The session yielded two and a quarter hours' worth of material. Five years later I was finally able to delve into the recordings and edit them down to a manageable CD lenght.
This is the result." (Ricardo Odriozola - Bergen 23.01.10)

David Jackson: Celebration Concert zusammen mit Menschen aus Bethel.
DVD-Box: Euro 14,90
Bethel - ISBN 987-3-935972-24-6

This is an unmissable professional film made during my two day visit to Neue Schmiede, Bethel in November 2007, to make music. This fantastic package includes:- film of workshops with commentary in English or German: the entire Concert; a 28 page booklet with stunning b/w photos by Veit Mette; and a mini CD - what we call ‘The Diamonds’. (Recorded in an old German barn, these improvisations on themes from VdGG were especially made with love ‘whilst the notes were still in my hands’. With beautiful production by Manfred Knoop, this is a special token for connoisseurs – and is recommended for a ‘shuffle recognition game’.) DJ
Prof. Dr. Michael Seidel: ‘I also found the audience to be fascinated in a variety of ways:- some disrupted in such a beautiful way, while others were very quietly involved; some swayed along and were simply enchanted by the whole thing. The Concert was an unbelievable and wonderful result. So for me, it was just a typical example of how we can finally bring people together with disabilities and without disabilities. How suddenly the topic ‘disability’ becomes secondary, if not third rate - and a side issue.’

Available in all German Bookshops:- ISBN 987-3-935972-24-6 (price €14.90)
or email:-bethel-verlag@bethel.de
or email:- (€14.90 + p&p: payable by Western Union Service; PayPal)
or email:- (€14.90 + p&p; payable in cash £,€,$; postal order or PayPal)



Music on my mind: Jaxon on SEN Magazine

"I am a 62-year-old musician and composer. I was in the band Van der Graaf Generator and I now play with Osanna, a progressive rock band from Naples. I am also a teacher and, since 1996, I’ve been running music workshops and big performance events at SCOPE's Meldreth Manor, a school for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and additional sensory impairments. After all these years, I’m still loving it..."

This piece about David appeared on SEN (Special Education Needs) Magazine - you can read it online or download the PDF (extract from issue #43 of SEN Magazine).


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