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David Jackson (MA, PGCE) is not only one of the most experienced and successful Soundbeam artists, he is also a gifted teacher (and trainer) of 25 years standing.
He has developed and refined a Soundbeam Training programme to suit a wide variety of situations. These have included Special Schools, Day and Residential Centres; University Community Music Departments; Environmental Educational Projects; and even private homes. He has helped people in Ireland, across the UK and in also Italy. He trains teachers and support workers; musicians and technicians; disabled people and their family group.

In a custom built Tonewall Training package you get:

  • an additional 42 new Tonewall Soundbeam Set-up and accompanying Pitch Sequences - grouped in fun, story telling, songs, exercises and movement categories;
  • 'hands-on' Soundbeam workshops for Soundbeam 1, 2 or Desktop with a specialist programme to the appropriate level of 'Soundbeam Operator' and/or 'Soundbeam Technician';
  • a custom training manual of 40 essential colour charts and diagrams;
  • 2 accompanying CDs - one of backing tracks linked to the Set-ups and one with finished pieces with singing and Soundbeam and Switch work;
  • beautiful colour music cartoons for all the Sound effects;
  • technical advice and practical help in system design and build;

"Soundbeam Artistry" - is his handbook of earlier musical, performance and technical ideas (1995); there are numerous articles in various educational journals.


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