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Playing The History + David Jackson in Italy - 2014


ROMA - Manziana, Italy - May, 4th 2014- 21:00

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista - piazza Tommaso Tittoni 4 - 21:00 - FREE admission


David Jackson: Saxophones
John Hackett: Flute
Marco Lo Muscio: Organ & Piano
Carlo Matteucci: Bass
Giorgio Gabriel: Guitars

Music by: 
Genesis, Steve Hackett, John Hackett, ELP, VDGG, King Crimson, Anthony Phillips, Rick Wakeman, Jan Garbarek, Marco Lo Muscio, Carlo Matteucci, etc...


"Playing The History" Project: David has recorded another two epic tracks with italian organist Marco Lo Muscio and the Band. 'Theme One' & 'The Great Gig in The Sky’.

Video Trailer: 

David greetings:


Pictures from the 2013 gig in Roma (© Luca Fiaccavento):



Highlights of 2011

*TWINKLE* IN ITALY! - May 27, 2011

*Twinkle* (the musical story of Jaxon & Judge Smith for soundbeam, orchestra, choir & rock band) will be performed for the first time in Italy for CRAMS (Centro Ricerca Arte Musica Spettacolo) in Lecco (MAB-ATO, viale Giacomo Brodolini 18, località Rivabella, Lecco, Italy) on May 28, 2011 - 21:30 (free admittance!)

For infos: http://www.soundbeam.it/

You can download the brochure (PDF) here


And the following day, a special duo gig...
May 28, 2011 (21:00)
Special guest - Judge Smith!
Convento di Santa Maria la Vite - Via Albegno, 1/A OLGINATE, Lecco 23854 ITALY
For infos: http://www.ilmelabo.it/#DAVID


May 6-15 2011, Carpi/Correggio/Modena (Italy)

This italian Festival was a very big success for me this year in May. The Festival was also called Twinkle - because I played the song at a TV interview last year - and they liked the idea!

Download the programme (PDF) & various images (ZIP archive)

DJ playing with 4/22 of ‘Arcobaleno’ @ Teatro Pavarotti - Modena 7/5/11 (an amazing band of disabled musicians) - photo © Emilio Maestri

Osanna & Jaxon in Asia

Korean Blog

Osanna in Seoul: 'Everybody's Gonna See You Die'

Osanna Concert in Korea! (applause only)

Highlights of 2010

*TWINKLE* @ The Lighthouse 12/3/10

Here are some links to 'Twinkle' related bits on the web:

A review by Mike Marsh: Bournemouth Daily Echo

BSO Site: Twinkle was amazing. Congratulations to all involved - the
children, the adults, the backstage crew.

BSO Twinkle Promo



N.y.X: "Down in Shadows"

The album from the italian band N.y.X., featuring David Jackson & Trey Gunn!

Web: http://www.nyxsound.com


Highlights of 2009


Buy here on www.btf.it

"Legendary Osanna is back! With a new line-up but still representing the spirit that was always typical for the original band, but with a new, dynamic, innovative and passionate sound. David Jackson from Van Der Graaf generator joined this project, becoming much more than a guest but a stable element of the band, contributing with a strong added value, and so did guest stars Gianni Leone (Balletto di Bronzo), David Cross (King Crimson), TM Stevens, Lello Brandi and the other guests, who enriched the project with their talent and creativeness, creating a true and deep-hearted homage to this historical band.
Lino Vairetti knew how to gather a real "Prog family" rearranging Osanna's classic tunes keeping the vintage sound of the electric and acoustic guitars, synths as Mellotron and Hammond, and especially the flute and saxophone of David Jackson. The CD also includes a stunning version of Theme One by Van Der Graaf Generator!"

Jake Jackson - see his amazing stop frame photography of iTunes Live Festival at AIR Studios here:-

DVDs in the pipeline:

*Twinkle* at The Anvil 11/7/08 – a brilliant film made by Elliott Kowitz
‘Suoni della Dolomiti – Jackson, Mayes, Rabbia 23/7/08’– another brilliant film made by Elliott Kowitz

Highlights of 2008

The Independent 12.07.08: "Why musicians are developing second careers"

"David Jackson, who was temporarily reunited with Van der Graaf Generator in 2005, has spent much of his time encouraging others to make music. He taught maths as well as music for 12 years before starting up the Tonewall project in 1992. This makes use of a technology known as Soundbeam..."
(read The Independent's full article here:
http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/why-musicians-are-developing-second-careers-926655.html )

Verona 2008 Concerts – "Club il Giardino" – Lugagnano, Verona (Italy) - 14/15 November 2008

November, 14:
Jaxon with...
Marco Olivotto - Bass
Gigi Cavalli Cocchi - Drums
Alex Carpani - Keyboards
Ettore Salati - Guitar

November, 15:
Dorie Jackson + Emily & Alice (special guest: David Jackson)

Bielefeld Concerts:

Jaxon & Sankofa - Sa 1.11.2008 - 20.30 - Bielefeld/Bethel (download poster - PDF)
Celebration Concert: Der Traum der Schildkröte

Fr 7.11.2008 - 19.00 - Bielefeld
(download poster - PDF)

Sat 8.11.2008 - 19.30 - Rockgalerie - Bielefeld (more info here)

Jaxon in Sweden: Soundbeam Soundbeam - a unique concert, Friday 17.10.2008

"Can movements create music? It sounds unbelievable but it is actually true. Students at the Aranäsgymnasiet school has worked in the autumn with Soundbeam (...) As a conclusion to his project, the pupils in the test program, Wailing Andy and Soundbeam pioneer David Jackson shall play together in a concert in Kungsbacka Teater..."

Aranäsgymnasiet website: http://www.aranasgymnasiet.kungsbacka.se/aranas/Startsidan/Special/Handelsearkiv/Testar-handelsearkivet/

Download poster

Bielefeld Tonewall – Workshops & Concert - 6 November 2007
Soundbeam Workshops with von Bodelschwinghschen Anstalten, Bethel; and a Celebration Concert at Neue Schmiede, Bethel, Bielefeld, Germany


Soundbeam Exploration & Discovery Day!
A Suffolk Arts and Health Forum event, of which Sound Sense is a leading partner, will be held at The Cut, Halesworth on Monday 12 November. Inspiration, Demonstration and Participation! Workshops and discussion. If you have a languishing Soundbeam or are interested in working with Soundbeams then this day is for you. All abilities and settings welcome. The day will be led by David Jackson from Tonewall www.jaxontonewall.com and will feature hands on work and activities. £20 / £15 for Sound Sense members. Lunch and refreshments included.

For booking details of this event, please contact central services at Sound Sense.

Verona Concerts – "Club il Giardino" – 23/24 November 2007
Acustica: 23rd November
David Jackson, Martin Mayes (Horn), Michele Rabbia (Percussion)
Elettrica: 24th November
David Jackson, Tolo Marton (Guitar), Bruno Marini (Hammond), Marco Olivotto (Bass/Vox), Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (Drums)

The Tribal Elders – Judge Smith’s 2 great new singles (featuring DJ on Saxes) just released!

Get it here: http://www.judge-smith.com

Dorie Jackson - daughter Dorie’s first solo CD (featuring DJ on flute and soprano sax) is available!
You can buy here: http://www.aquariannation.com

A Musical Guide to 'Pawn Hearts' by Van der Graaf Generator created by Ricardo Odriozola
To download, please go to: www.pawnhearts.ukf.net the price is £9.99 (electronic download for PC only)
“QUITE FANTASTIC! I can heartily recommend it! The Guide adds another dimension to the VdGG experience.” - David Jackson (October 2007)


Past Events...

Recording in Athens – The October Sessions in Athens with young Greek flute maestro Stelios Romaliadis were magical. I also had a brilliant time with Stelios’ family and friends and visited The Parthenon. I am really looking forward to his album when it’s finished.

Lecco Artlab 2007, Italy (20/21/22 September 2007).
A Tribute to David Jackson: Sound Xpression: Judge Smith

The Italian Première of David Jackson's music for large combined forces: -
'The Essential Beam Machine' featuring DJ on Saxes & Flute: & 'The House That Cried' – featuring special guest Judge Smith; This project has involved many people of all ages - singing & playing orchestral, ethnic and rock instruments; and featured a group of Soundbeam & Switch 'disabili-maestri'.
The Concert was a final celebration for the Desktop Soundbeam Seminar Sound Xpression.

See the TV Report on the Concert here: http://www.soundbeam.it/video.htm

The Crams Soundbeam Project - DOWNLOAD THE FLYER (PDF version)


Wed 11 July 2007 | 7.00pm
David Jackson: music - Judge Smith: words

Commissioned by Anvil Arts as part of our community and education programme, Twinkle is our latest large-scale theatrical and musical extravaganza, performed by children from Treloar School and 120 pupils from Basingstoke junior schools including Marnel, Winklebury, St Mary's, Old Basing and Four Lanes.

Photos from *Twinkle* Show: 11/7/07 The Anvil, Basingstoke by Seán Kelly

and for friends and fans:-

There are dozens of stories to be read in the stars of the night sky. Twinkle explores three of these legends: the constellations Orion, Andromeda and Cygnus, stories that are as relevant to children today as they were two or three millennia ago.

The constellations were mankind's earliest picture books and they are still a powerful instrument to inspire the imagination of young and old alike.

Remember... tales become legends for a reason!



Meldreth Manor School Soundbeam Project is in its 11th year and going from strength to strength. In the last year we have received special visitors from across UK, Italy and Sweden. In June our Summer Music Festival is to be called ‘The Ghost’s of Meldreth’. It will be based around ‘The House That Cried’ - with additional gruesome music. The Meldreth teams will bring this musical story (co-written with Judge Smith) back to life in their inimitable style. We will have guest children from Bassingbourn to sing and act too. And the usual ghouls, zombies and other creatures of the night will all tremble before the Mighty Meldreth Ghostbusters!

FEBRUARY 2007 Updates:

Delta Centre – Ireland A Musical and Arts project at the famous Carlow centre for disabled adults on the theme of ‘Africa’ (February & March)

‘Seasons are Changing’ with Sarum Orchestra, Howard Moody and Debbie Cassell and 2 Salisbury area Schools. The Concert is on 3rd July 2007 at Salisbury Arts Centre. This will feature my String Quartet; the parts being liberated from my Band Scores by maestro Ricardo Odriozola.

worldwidewarning.globalwarming – This is the title of my new ‘hot’ Saxophone Concerto devised with Andy Baker (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) and children singers and percussionists from the Cornish Clay village Schools. The ‘Meltdown’ Concert is at Brannel School near St Austell on 13th March 2007.

March 25-26, 2006 - BERGEN

music by David Jackson (1996); lyrics by David Jackson, Jan Copland and Gill Mann; arranged by Ricardo Odriozola (2004/5) based on the original orchestration by the composer). It features children from the Steiner School with the Orchestra of the University of Bergen. This World Premiere was conducted by Ricardo Odriozola. DJ & SJ were there!

"Bergen was utterly brilliant. What an achievement for the Norwegian kids to learn all those words and sing it all so beautifully. The Orchestra sounded fantastic too. I hope a CD will be available soon. There are some photos on the USO website: http://www.uib.no/uso/beam0306.htm " (DJ)


See the promo by clicking on the images
(courtesy of Marie Skreden)


VERONA (Italy) - May 25, 2006

Tony Pagliuca, David Jackson and Nic Potter shared the same stage in Italy at Verona Prog Fest last May 25th. The incredibile reunion – it was fifteen years since David and Nic played together live for the last time – it took place during the concert featuring ex Le Orme keyboard player Tony Pagliuca with Jackson, Tolo Marton (guitar) and Leo Di Angilla (percussion).

- At Meldreth last summer we had a wonderful Music Festival on the theme of Africa.

- "Batteries Included" with René van Commenée is available for downloading on the iTunes Music Store, with audio samples (thanks to LoL Productions)

- Lecco 2006: I had good success with my Soundbeam program in Lecco, running sessions with teachers, infants and junior children. I visited the Pegaso Equestrian Centre and "La Nostra Famiglia" Hospital, both places where we hope Soundbeam will thrive working with disabili in the future. I prepared a great Soundbeam Desktop score for ‘The House That Cried’ with 10 keen youngsters. My Masterlab sessions with young rock musicians went well, as did their Concert in Piazza Garibaldi.
The Nic Potter and Evil Wings gigs also were a great success. Sadly we were not actually able to perform ‘The House That Cried’ as there was torrential rain and the stage was extremely wet. It was too dangerous for children on the wet stage with power supplies and loads of equipment... We hope to perform the piece next year.


October 15, 2005

Mangala Vallis - new "Lycanthrope" album featuring David Jackson

Go to http://www.mangalavallis.it for more infos

September 22, 2005 - LECCO (Italia)


Workshop with Jaxon & Tony Pagliuca (ex Le Orme)


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