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David Jackson: Celebration Concert zusammen mit Menschen aus Bethel.
DVD-Box: Euro 14,90
Bethel - ISBN 987-3-935972-24-6

This is an unmissable professional film made during my two day visit to Neue Schmiede, Bethel in November 2007, to make music. This fantastic package includes:- film of workshops with commentary in English or German: the entire Concert; a 28 page booklet with stunning b/w photos by Veit Mette; and a mini CD - what we call ‘The Diamonds’. (Recorded in an old German barn, these improvisations on themes from VdGG were especially made with love ‘whilst the notes were still in my hands’. With beautiful production by Manfred Knoop, this is a special token for connoisseurs – and is recommended for a ‘shuffle recognition game’.) DJ
Prof. Dr. Michael Seidel: ‘I also found the audience to be fascinated in a variety of ways:- some disrupted in such a beautiful way, while others were very quietly involved; some swayed along and were simply enchanted by the whole thing. The Concert was an unbelievable and wonderful result. So for me, it was just a typical example of how we can finally bring people together with disabilities and without disabilities. How suddenly the topic ‘disability’ becomes secondary, if not third rate - and a side issue.’

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"Batteries Included" (2003) (iPod version: click here)

"A to Z - Healthy Choices" - Primary School CD (Dec 2003)

"David Jackson: Guastalla - live Tonewall & Soundbeam" DVD 'Edition 2' single DVD - PAL Version (2002) (Lol Productions)

"Beams & Bells: Live at The QEH" (2001)

"Fractal Bridge" (1996)

"Tonewall Stands" (1992)


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About the book/CD "Beam Machine*Star Messenger 2989*"...


Van der Graaf Generator:
The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other (1970)
H to He, Who Am The Only One (1970)
Pawn Hearts (1971)
Godbluff (1975)
Still Life (1976)
World Record (1976)
Time Vaults (1981)
Present (2005)

Van der Graaf:
The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (1977)
Vital (Live, 1978)


Solo Works:
Savages (1990 - cassette only)
Hazard Dream Sequence (1991, EP)
Tonewall Stands (1992)
Fractal Bridge (1996)
Guastalla - Live Tonewall & Soundbeam (2002 - DVD)

with the Wildridings Primary School Choir:
The Single (Grand Opening Song / Minutes Of Peace) (1991, cassette single)

with Treloar School & Ballard School:
Beams & Bells: Live at the QEH (2001, CD)

with St. John's CE (Aided) Primary School:
A to Z Healthy Choices (2003, CD)

with René van Commenee:
Batteries Included (2003, live)


The Long Hello project:
The Long Hello (1973)
(Hugh Banton, Guy Evans and David Jackson)

The Long Hello Volume Two (1981)
(Nic Potter and Guy Evans)

The Long Hello Volume Three (1982)
(David Jackson and Guy Evans)

The Long Hello Volume Four (1983)
(David Jackson, Guy Evans and Life of Riley)

Jackson, Banton, Evans:
Gentlemen Prefer Blues (1986)

Peter Hammill:
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Offensichtlich Goldfisch (1993)
Roaring Forties (1994)
X My Heart (1996)
This (1998)
What, now? (2001)
Incoherence (2004)

with Hammill, Evans, Banton & other guests:
The Union Chapel Concert (1997)

Jakko Jakszyk
- Singles
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes / Something Tells Me (1982)
Straining Our Eyes / Fall To Pieces (1982)
Grab What You Can / I'd Never Have Known (1982)
(12" version: Grab What You Can / Tell Me Would I Be The Same)
- Album: "Silesia" (LP 1982 Chiswick TOSS 3630)

Guest contributions:

Alan Sorrenti
Come un vecchio incensiere all'alba di un villaggio deserto (1973)

Eye Of The Angel (1989)

City Boy
Dinner At The Ritz (1976)

Chris Judge Smith
Democrazy (1991)
Curly's Airships (2000)

Magic Mushroom Band
Spaced Out (1991)

Mangala Vallis
Lycanthrope (2005)

Sarah-Jane Morris
Sarah-Jane Morris (1988)

The Tangent
The Music That Died Alone (2003)


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