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Musician, composer and saxophonist for Van der Graaf Generator, David Jackson is an inspiration. He has worked right across the musical spectrum, with artists including Peter Gabriel, Keith Tippett and Howard Moody. Today he is primarily concerned with using technology to enable severely disabled people to make music - ideally music for performance.

In great demand both in the UK and overseas, for workshops for anything upwards of 100 players, David combines his expertise in conventional music and instruments (he collects handbells and unusual ethnic percussion) with his understanding of technology. Where a solution does not exist, he innovates - creating, for example, the Jellybean Eye and Echo Mirrors, to bring music within the grasp of individuals of all abilities. His passion for music, and the joy of helping others participate, is obvious.

Christened by The Guardian ‘Soundbeam Guru’, David has been featured on the Radio and TV, appearing on Tomorrow's World. He is also an inspired Soundbeam trainer, system designer and builder.

David Jackson is an acclaimed composer:- music for Van der Graaf Generator and 5 solo albums; an inspirational community musician:- “Beam Machine - Star Messenger 2989”; “The House That Cried”; “Anvil Rings”. Two of his recent CDs featuring Soundbeam are “Fractal Bridge” and “Beams & Bells; Live at the QEH”.

"And Dave Jackson must be the Van Gogh of the saxophone - a renegade impressionist,
dispensing distorted visions of the world outside from his private asylum window"
(from a review by Jonathan Barnett in the NME)

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